Sunday, January 30, 2011

Rite Aid Stop 1/30

I went to two different Rite Aids today. And I actually made sure I was out the door early this time. I've been bad the past couple weeks. Sometimes I won't get there until Tuesday. But we are down to one vehicle for a little while, so it is a little harder to get around.

First deal:

4 Edy's Ice creams $2.99 each

4 Lay's Stax $1

2 Charmin 2/$6

Coricidin $5.99

I used:

$2 off Video Values

2 - $1/1 Charmin from mailers and coupon booklets

$2 off Coricidin

$2 off Coricidin Video Values

I then paid with $19 in +ups and $1.40 oop.

I got back 4- $2 +ups for Edy's, 4- $1 +ups for lays, $5 +up for spending $15, $1 +up for Charmin, and $4 +up for Coricidin. That's $22 in +ups.

I then went to the other Rite Aid across town and did the same ice cream and chips deal. I did not get a second $5 +up.
I also grabbed the Afrin at $5.99. I used a $3 coupon from a past insert and a $2 Video Value. I had to pay the $0.99 but I got back $4 in +ups.
And I got 2 bags of Halls 2/$3. I used $1/2 coupon from an insert and 2 - $0.50 Video Value coupons. I paid $1 and then I got back a $1+up and my $20 reward.
I will probably be back before the end of the week.... How did you do?

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