Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Resolution Reward

**Picture Coming Soon**

I decided to use my $20 +up to get..... DIAPERS! I know ... boring.

I paid $.02 oop for all and $0.32 on a gift card that I wanted to use up.

Pampers Cruisers $19.97 (mine rang up as $17.99 - I wasn't expecting the discount since it was on sale)
I used $1.50 from P&G
got back $1 +up

2 Halls 2/$3
used 2-$1/1 coupons (printed)
got back a $1+up

2 Barilla Pastas $1.79 (mine rang up as $1.61 with discount)
got back 2 - $1 +ups ($.61 for pasta beats having to go to Walmart)

2 boxes of cereal (Fruit Loops and Apple Jacks) $1.99 each
used $1.50/2 old printable

2 Dixie Ultra Plates $3.99 BOGO
used $3/2 Video Value Coupon

I also used a video values coupon and my $20 +up to get all for free. I handed the cashier my 2 cents and got back $4 in +ups.

Now, my Resoultion Reward was not too exciting. I would love to hear your's. I'll even post them here with pic if you'd like. Leave your thoughts in the comments.


  1. hey you cant beat free diapers!! When I had babies in diapers I could have definitely used some of those! I used my $20 res reward (i want to abbreviate it and type RR but then it would be confusing for wags shoppers lol) today too! I got lots of free goodies! used the $20 rr and $1.88 OOP but got back $15 + ups! I am feeling pretty good :) 11 rolls of Christmas paper for next year pasta, pens, candy, make up! lots of "fun" stuff! Check out the bloggerr ;)

  2. I used mine on the toilet paper, tissue deal Sunday morning. I also got some Hormel.