Monday, January 10, 2011

My Rite Aid Trip

First of all, I just love Rite Aid and the awesome managers they have there. Life here at our crazy house has just been, well, crazy. I'll have more to say on that in a future post. To say the least, I had to put my blog on hold and catch up on some of the home, family, and work stuff.

So I ran in on Saturday to do the Airwick deal. And one of the managers hugged me. I've known him a long time, went to school with his son.... I just thought it was great. So I got some free air fresheners, $19 in +ups and almost $40 more towards that Buy and Save program.

Then, I wanted to get in on some of the great deals Sunday, but it didn't happen. I clipped coupons at red lights today to make it in there today, and in the parking lot, and in the store.... I would have separated this into two transactions, but after a long day and two cranky kids, I just wanted to get out of there.

Here's what I got:

4 boxes Special K BOGO
used 2 - bogo coupons
paid change for each
got $4 +ups

2 Sharpies $8.99 and $4.49
1 sharpie $1.89
(got back a $5 +up)
I would have gotten back $8 more if I had bought the right ones. You have to get the fat ones. SO I will be going back

4 Spic and Span items $0.50
used 2-$1/2 printables
made these free

2 packs of gum bogo
I got the wrong size and couldn't use the coupon.

2 jet puff marsh. $2/2
got back a $1 +up

2 Hershey Syrups $2.49 each
used $1/2 printable
got $2 in plus ups
(makes them about $0.99 each if you don't get discount)
thanks Felicia!!

Hormel $1.99
used $0.75 printable and $0.50 Video Value
made this $0.74
got back $1 +up

2 boxes of Ziploc bags 2/$4
used $1/2 coupon
made these $1.50 each
we really needed these and it went towards buy and save

I used the $4 off $20 coupon from the Beauty Video Values. So I got back $14 in +ups and I almost have enough for the Buy and Save $20!!! It wasn't the best deal in the world, but we really needed some of the items. Plus, I can make back some +ups when the next order comes in.

I did not get the $6/2 coupon for Motrin in my paper (but it is a great moneymaker for those of you that did). I couldn't find any Barilla or the foamies (craft suppplies), but the great manager on tonight said she could order them and have them for me on Saturday!!! They are so good to me!!!

I am going to try the other Rite Aid in town tomorrow to see what they have left.

(Mu game plan:

buy $15 more of Sharpies - this time getting the fat ones so that I get a total of $13 +ups. I'll use a $1 off $1 and the old +ups to pay.

Then I want to try and find 4 of the Finish BOGO deal $6.49. That will be about $13 - 4- $2.25 coupons. I'll end up paying around $4 with plus ups and will get my $20 buy and save reward.

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  1. Debby - for the Sharpies you have to buy 1 more single too. Go look at my transaction today. I also had the bonus packs of 16 markers each. I posted a picture. Mine were on an end rack though, not by the office supplies. I was on my way out of the store when I saw them. The deal is buy 2 get a $4 up back and buy $15 to get a $5 up ... so you buy 2 8 pks (get the 16 packs for the same price if you can find them) and 2 of the ultra fine retractibles. Then you will get $13 in UPS back. ughh sorry the kids distracted you! I am going to go back up and get some tuna... I just read its shooting out 5 $1 ups wyb 4. 4/$5 ... so free like the pasta... I am thinking a tuna casserole is going to be a good lunch this upcoming weekend lol

    ok, I forgot about the hershey syrup ... I need to go find that $1 off coupon if I dont have it in my binder already! Good luck with those markers, its a great deal!