Thursday, January 27, 2011

Trying Out CVS

A new CVS opened last week just down the road from me. With their grand opening, they sent our mailers with coupons. There was a $5 off $15, a coupon from any free CVS brand item up to $3, and a coupon for a free 2 liter of Coke.

So I wasn't going to let some free stuff go. I also wanted to stock up on soda for games and get togethers we have coming up and of course for my migraines. I tell ya, if I start to feel one coming on and I catch it early enough, coke can really do the trick... well sometimes.

So I grabbed my two freebies and then bought 5 12pks of Coke for $15. I used the $5 off coupon. So I paid $10 oop and then got back a $5 Register Reward for the next time I go in. So I'll have to start looking for more CVS deals.

I kind of felt bad going in there though. I love Rite Aid and sort of felt like I was "cheating" on them. Rite Aids deals are so much better.

1 comment:

  1. Good deal on the Coke! We dont drink soft drinks at all in my house, but I hear from my sister that it can be an expensive habit lol

    your comment on cheating on RA made me laugh!! I feel the same way when I go to WAGS hahaha They are right across the street from each other here and I have found myself thinking "I hope they (RA cashiers) dont see me going in" hahaha

    I will usually go to RA Sunday and 8 am and then cross the street and go to WAGS if there is anything REALLY worth going in for.