Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I found the Sharpies

As a teacher, I have to tell you, free (or close to it) sharpies are a glorious thing.

So I tried another Rite Aid today. I found the bonus pack sharpies and some pasta. I was so excited (Thanks Tina). I had the babes with me and they were so patient as I did 3 transactions to ensure I would get all of my +ups.

First I got the sharpies. Remember they are on sale Bogo 50%
8pack (with bonus) $8.99 and $4.49
the single sharpies $1.99 and $0.99
I used a $1 off $1 video value and +ups to pay. I gave just a little out of pocket. $1.46 plus tax. (I didn't have another $1 +up...)
And then I got back $5 and 2-$4 +ups.

Then I bought the pasta. 4/$5
I used another $1 off $1 and $4 +up to make it free.
I got back 5-$1 +ups. No money our of pocket!!!!

Last I grabbed 4 Finish Powerball 20ct BOGO Free $6.49
So the total was $13.98. I gave the cashier 4 - $2.25 coupons making the new total $3.98. I used 3-$1 +ups that I had just gotten to make my oop $0.98 plus tax.
This finally got me to the $100 total for the Buy and Save so the $20 +up printed out on my receipt.

Oh what a glorious trip. It made up for my total flop yesterday. Plus, my hubby is home with the babe today and says to me this morning, "Hey if you feel like going to Rite Aid by yourself today on the way home that would be just find. Have a few minutes alone!" If the roads clear up here in Rochester, I might just try out a new to me Rite Aid by my work. Oh I love him!!!! And Rite Aid!

And the best part is that I have $32 left in +ups to try and snag some more future deals!!

Is it bad that I am already trying to plan out next week and this week isn't even half over???

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  1. yay!! were you able to return the other packs of sharpies? I gave my daughter's dance coach at school half my sharpies since they do so much work with markers! She was thrilled! It always feels good to give to those who appreciate! The sharpies put me over my $100 and I got my $20 ups too!