Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I was finally doing some regular grocery shopping yesterday (pic coming) and I noticed a couple things I wanted to share...

1.) The Olay ribbons body wash was now on sale for $4.99. So you could grab the $0.69 Secret and use the $5 coupon to get both for $0.68 plus tax. I know that some of you just love this bodywash :)

2.) Pillsbury Simply biscuits and simply cookies ($2.?9) are on sale. There are coupons that you can print or could have printed from Smartsource ($0.55 off) that would double and make these a little over a dollar.

3.) There are Glad trash bags for $2.79 or so. They do not have draw strings, but some sort of tab that you use to close. If you use the $0.75 off from 11/7 P&G this would double to make them $1.29 or so. If your budget is really tight this might be a great way to go for garbage bags right now. (I have used plastic Wegmans bags for weeks in the summer when I didn't have the money for actual garbage bags, but they fill up quickly!!!

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