Monday, November 1, 2010

Menu Planning

I have been really bad about posting these plans. I am going to try to get back to it now that my schedule is starting to feel "normal" again. I've mentioned before that planning is really my family's key to saving money. If I know what is for dinner each night there aren't as many crazy dashed to Wegmans or pizza nights to blow our budget. Now I'm not saying I always stick to it, but this really helps. I would say that we follow our plan 95% of time.

hubby- bagel & egg
kids & me - cereal, eggs, oatmeal, yogurt

sandwiches (egg salad, tuna, some lunch meat)
veggies with dip
piece of fruit (peaches, apples)
sometimes I pack my love a go-gurt as well for snack time at school

Snacks (we haven't been having too many with not being home)
cheese slice (littlest love loves these)
veggies and dip
some Halloween candy - in small doses
evenings - ice cream :)


Sunday pizza - halloween
Monday - creamy chicken and bow tie pasta
Tuesday - beef stew
Wednesday - left overs
Thursday - chicken wraps and french fries
Friday - meatball subs (homemade of course)
Saturday - spaghetti and meatballs (meatballs already made and left over from Friday night)

I try to plan easier meals on work nights and longer/more prep meals on the week ends. Plus we look to see what we have in stock and in season to help. We had to buy chicken and stew meat this week. I already had ground beef from last week. I try not to have to buy all the meat every week because that can eat away at our budget. Instead, I buy in bulk every other week.

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