Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Foundary

While visiting another blog, I read about a new company called The Foundary. They are another one of those "deal of the day" type of sites where you can order cool stuff and low prices. Plus, if you join right now you can invite friends to sign up as well. Each friend that signs up through you will earn you $1. You can earn up to $50. The folding colander pictured above would take 19 friends. As soon as I read this I thought, "Hey another way to earn a free Christmas present..." There are so many people I would like to buy for and this may give you a way to either find some cool deals or earn a free gift. You can sign up or read more about it here.
Note: Some of the prices seemed high to me. So this is a site I would not typically order from. However, with the friend earning deal you may be able to find something that would fit your budget for next to nothing. Plus many items have free shipping and some of the stuff is kind of unique. At least I haven't seen it in Walmart or Target... yeah I don't get out much!!!!!!

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