Monday, November 15, 2010

My Rite Aid Scenario

Here is my first plan for Rite Aid:

2 Huggies Pure & Natural $8.99 each ($17.98 total)
2 Right Guard Deodorants $4.?? BOGO
2 French's Fried Onion 2/$3

Total: Around $25 depending on price of Right Guard

I'll use the following coupons:

$5 off $25
2 - $3 off Huggies (mailer)
1 - $2 off Huggies RA Video Values
BOGO Right Guard
2 - $1 off French's (expires 11/15!!!!!!)

That leaves about $5.98 to pay either oop or with +ups if you have them.

You'll then get back 2- $3 +ups from Huggies and $1 +up from French's. That makes $7 back or you can think of it as everything for free. Yippee.

If you know me, I don't use Huggies, but this is a great time to stock up for baby showers of for someone you know that could use them.

I have also heard that the $2 Clairol Family coupon from 11/7 P&G works on the Herbal Ess. deal, but I am not sure I am going to try it. I let you know if I change my mind. I might talk it over with my fav RA managers and ask their opinion. If you try it, let me know how it goes!


  1. I have a friend that is a teacher but not working at present time (staying home with 2 young children) and is looking to do some tutoring... my son needs some extra help in English right now and she said she would do it for $20/hr, which is awesome since most charge between $25-$30 per hour. But I am not working much either so I was thinking of offering her diapers for her service as a trade. You think she would go for it ;) lol I could score almost free diapers and give her 2-3 packs for each hour she tutors my son hmmm I might be on to something here hahahaha

    Congrats on winning! I have never won a single thing, although my mom tells me I win evertime I go to Rite Aid! :)

  2. oh and I posted a comment to you on my blog... yeah I was MIA for a couple weeks! Everything has been great, just doing so much online shopping for Christmas I hadnt wanted to spend another minute on the computer. Thanks for missing me though! :)