Friday, November 5, 2010

Playing Instant Win Games

Free Stuff from Instant Win Games!!!!!

I used to play instant win games all the time when I was up nursing my son in the middle of the night. The early hours are the best time to win. I have gotten rather busy and kind of got away from it. So today when I was reading an email from Freebies4mom, I was checking out her list of winnable games. I entered a few and WON!!!! It wasn't anything major, but it was free!!!!!

I recommend checking out Quicken Thanks a Million (382 winners a day) and yes I won!!! It might only be a stuffed animal, but it will make a great stocking stuffer, if it comes in time. Otherwise it will be a great surprise for a little one. You can also win a year of credit monitoring.

Halls Pop a Drop has 500 daily winners. You'll get a free bag of cough drops... just in case you weren't able to get them free at Rite Aid recently haha. I know my hubby eats these like candy. I haven'y played yet because I have to use home computer later.

And Burger King is giving away an XBOX Kinect every 15 minutes. You can get 6 free codes per person per day to play without a purchase. I really would like to win this. My daughter has tried the Wii at other people's houses but has a hard time holding on the the controller. So a no controller option would be sooooo cool.

Or how about a month of free Toaster Strudel? Pillsbury is giving this away to 2000 people a week. I haven't won this yet, but I sure have tried.

Anyone else won something cool lately? I'd love to hear from you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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