Monday, November 22, 2010

Rite Aid Scenarios

Here are my plans for Rite Aid this week:

Idea #1

4 Right Guard Deodorants BOGO $4.49 each
4 French's Fried Onions 2/$3 ($1/2 +up reward)
1 Motrin PM $4 ($2 SCR)
2 Dove Chocolates 2/$6

Total $24.98 ( add filler to bring to $25) plus tax

I will use:
$5 off $25
2 BOGO Right Guard Coupons
2 - $1/2 French's Coupons
$2 off Motrin from 11/21 insert
$1 VV off Motrin
$1 VV Dove
$1/2 Dove coupon from 11/21 insert

Total after coupons is $4 and I will recieve $2 SCR adn $2 +up. That makes all for free.

Idea #2
3 12pks Coke $10.98 ($2 +up)
3 Sinex $4.99 ($2 +up for each)

Total $25.95

I will use $5 off $25
3 - $4 off Sinex

That brings total to $8.95. I can use +ups to help pay and then will get back $8 in +ups. Making this about a $1 plus tax and deposit!

1 comment:

  1. I didnt get a Dove Q in the paper!! No fair! I wanted to get the peppermint Doves again this year! I have been patiently waiting for these to come out for a year lol

    I cant get the Comtrex deal to work for me. wyb $30 get $10 ups. Its just not working out to be a money maker even with all those $2 Qs in the Parade!! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving! I know I know I have been STILL MIA even after I said I was going to make more of an effort... this month has been killer! :)