Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Frugal Fun

If you follow some of the other deal blogs, you might have seen a post about free Thanksgiving cards. I saw them and thought, hey we can do that. Now, my love and I might not be the most talented, but I think that having her hand print instead of a fake on a card is much better. Plus, my love and I absolutely enjoy making crafts while the babe is sleeping.

We first traced her hand.

Then we painted her hand so that we could use it as a "stamp".

Then she placed her painted hand inside the tracing.

When the paint dried she added legs and a gobbler.

Afterwards, my love practiced her penmanship by writing Happy Thanksgiving inside each one.

She has already given one to the babysitter and one to her teacher. She can't wait to pass out the rest to family on Thursday!

1 comment:

  1. SOOO much better than store bought or printed!! I love and cherish my kids crafts!! Well I did before I lost all of them in the storm, but I have 1 more little one to build up a new box of sweet baby handprints and crafts! My teens no longer are interested in dipping their hands in paint and making homemade anything lol ... imagine that. :) Happy Thanksgiving!