Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Rite Aid Stop

Please ignore my very ugly feet!! I made two transactions at Rite Aid. I wasn't able to do my exact plan. So here is what I did instead:

Transaction #1

3 Nyquil Sinex $4.99 each

3 12 pks of Coke $10.98

Total $25.95 plus tax and deposit

I used $5 off $25 and 3 - $4 off Sinex. Then I used $8 in +ups. I paid $0.95 plus tax.

I then got back $8 in +ups ($2 for Coke and 3-$2 for Sinex).

This deal did go as planned.

Transaction #2

2 bags of Dove $2/6 (or were they 2/$5???)

2 bags of Kisses $2/5

1 Sinex $4.99

1 Motrin PM $4

4 Right Guard Deodorants $4.59 each

Total $28.97 plus tax

I used $5 off $25
$1/2 Dove from 11/14 insert
$1/2 Dove from Video Values
$1/2 Kisses from 11/24 insert

$1/1 Kisses from Video Values

$4 off Sinex from P&G

$2 off Motrin PM from 11/24 insert

$1 off Motrin PM from Video Values

2 BOGO Right Guard Coupons

That's $25.18 in coupons leaving $3.79 plus tax to pay. I used $2 in +ups to help pay.

Then I got back $3 in +ups and will get back another $2 SCR for the Motrin.

I think that I can safely say that my hubby will have enough deodorant for a while. This is the only type he'll use. So I figured I'd grab then while I could.

I will have another Black Friday scenario coming up with Pampers on the list... and just in time. Those small packs in size 6 don't last long. And my 21 month old doesn't seem to want to use the potty as often as I was hoping.

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