Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Libby's Canned Veggies

I have been searching everywhere for these veggies. I had some great coupons for them and couldn't find them at Walmart or Wegmans. So let us try Dollar General and see what we find. They are on sale for $0.45 each.

Hopefully you printed the $1/3 from or you may have the $1/3 from the 8/29 Redplum insert. Either way it will make these $0.35 total for all 3 cans or about $0.12 each.

I have heard that the computers at Dollar General do not like multiple coupons that are alike. So you may want to consider multiple transactions.
(I might also look for the $0.50 jello while I am there. You may have gotten a coupon in the 10/17 SS that would make these $0.25 each. I usually make my own, but sometimes the time and container saving is worth it :)

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