Sunday, April 3, 2011

Rite Aid Stop (Saved over $117???)

Well, I knew that I did well today, but I don't know about the receipt savings total. I also went with the idea that I needed to prove that this "dog sitting" thing wasn't going to put us over our budget.

I grabbed two of the Scunci elastic bands $1.99
got back 2 - $1.99 +ups
made these free

Pedigree dog food $3.99
used $3 off from 3/6 insert
made these $0.99 each

7 Pup Peroni Treats
$1.99 used 7 - $1 off coupons
made these $0.99 each

8 edge shaving gels $0.99
used 8 - $1 coupons
made these free

3 skintimate shaving gels $0.99
used 3 - $1 off coupons
made these free

8 - Right Guard Deodorants BOGO Free
used 4 BOGO free coupons
made both free

First of all, I did not clear any shelves. I went to two different Rite Aids to ensure that there was some for all. Second, no we are not keeping all of this. Most of the toiletries are going to a couple that I am trying to convince to use coupons. (he he he)

So I had to pay $9 for the dog stuff plus tax and I had to pay initially for the Scunci bands. I used $39.96 in coupons and saved $77.16 just by handing over my wellness card. I was out of $3 off $15 coupons from taking the receipt survey and haven't watched my video values.... I know, how bad of me. So now I have some plus ups to go towards my next plan.

So here is my next idea that I'll do later this week:

Buy 3 packs of Pampers $8.99 (Total $26.97)
use 3 - $3 off from today's P&G
use $3 off $15 from survey

Total before plus ups $14.97
get back $5 in +ups
It is like paying $9.97 for all or $3.32 per package.

If you have +ups the deal will be even better!!!! Now I have to use the $1.50 off each because my son does not fit into the size requirements for the coupon, but I also have about $14 in +ups to go towards the purchase to lower my out of pocket cost!!!!

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