Friday, April 15, 2011

Rite Aid Clearance

I stopped at a couple Rite Aid stores to see if I could find the clearance items Shannon mentioned over at For the Mommas. I really wanted to see if I could find the Extra Virgin Olive Oil she mentioned because we use that a lot when cooking here and it is very expensive. I still haven't found a way to get that cheap, so I was excited to think I may be able to get it for under $1.

Anyways, each store I stopped at was different. Some had clearance signs posted but were already out of the Kashi, Simply Asia, and Hellman's Mayo. Most stores had Yuban, Folgers, and various other teas and coffees on clearance. Some stores had no signs at all and I price checked.... some not on clearance at all with no sign, and some at 50% with no sign. So, for Rochester area stores it is really hit or miss. You'll have to check. And don't think that no sign means no sale. I found the markers above on 50% clearance without a sign when I price checked.

So here is how I got them for free:

Bic Mark Its $5.99
50% off makes it $2.99
used $2 Bic coupon from Facebook
used $1 off any purchase coupon from Rite Aid Video Values
I just paid tax!

If I find any more local deals I'll let you know. For now, keep your eyes out in the food, office supplies, crafts, and toy areas!

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