Sunday, April 17, 2011

Rite Aid $30 cleansers deal

(Not everything is pictured)

This was one of those crazy Rite Aid days where I am not sure that I believe my receipts. According to the receipts I saved $172.67!!!! And I spent $6.70 plus tax. I also came home with $15 in +ups for the next time....

The cleansers deal is tracking what you buy. So I could have broken this up into a couple of transactions to make it work out better. But you know what, I am glad to have only done two transactions, gotten it done, and gotten back home to the family.

So here is what I got:

Transaction #1

2 Natural Instincts hair color $2.24 clearance

1 Got2b hair cream

2 ester c to-go bogo free - $5.99

for the cleansers deal:

6 ziploc freezer bags 2/$5 ($15)

2 baking sodas $0.59 each

2 Finish dish washer detergent bogo free- $4.49

2 Purex crystal bogo $5.99

4 Dixie (3 of the ultra) bogo free- $3.99/2

And here is what I used:

$1 off any purchase VV April
$5/2 natural instinct 3/13 RP
$2 off got2b VV April
$2 off got2b All You Magazine
2 - $3 off Ester C vitamins from RP
$2 off Ester C Video Values
3- $1/2 Ziploc Bags from last week's inserts
$1 off Ziploc RA Video Values April
$1 off any Finish RA VV March
$1 off Purex Crystals RA VV March
Free ($5.99) Purex Crystal - mailed to me
$5/3 Dixie RA VV March
$2/$10 CLEANSERS from RA VV April
$10 +up from the John Frieda deal last week

So then I paid $5.30 plus tax and got back $10+up for cleansers and $2+up for got2b. (Please note that I bought over the $30 needed. So your oop can be lower. I know that our family needs the ziploc bags for the harvest season to save our produce. So I stock up when ever possible!)

Transaction #2

6 - 5 gum $1 each
6 - Natural Instincts Hair color -(if you read this mom you should have plenty to last you and any color you could want :))
4 Nivea Body Washes (2 women's and 2 men's)

I used:
$1 off $1 from RA VV
3 - $1/2 gum printables from
2-$3 off Natural Instincts from this mornings paper RP
2 - $5/2 Natural Instincts from 3/13 RP
4 - $3 off Nivea coupons
$2 +up from got2b

I paid $1.40 plus tax and then got back another $5 +up from the Nivea deal.

How did you do?

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