Monday, April 11, 2011

Disney Movie Rewards

My love insisted on being in the picture... and being silly. I just wanted to remind you to enter your Disney Movie Reward Codes. There are tons of codes that pop up so that you can earn enough to get great freebies even without buying movies. And if you do buy Disney movies then you will be able to get freebies even faster. Around Christmas I used my points to make free Christmas photo cards. Just this week, this adorable Tangled lunch tote came in the mail. My little sweetie was very excited!!!

You can go here to get started. Then be sure to look for free codes inside movies, surveys you can take on the website, and the codes that seem to pop up here and there. I believe that you can enter the code SURPRISE to get three points right now.

Update: Here is another 5 point code: J5RN24XPV9

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