Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rite Aid Stop

I got the above pictured item in 3 transactions. I didn't think that the Tuesday I went there would be anything left, but there was actually quite a healthy supplry of everything I was looking for. So I had to go home and get more coupons to return on
First Transaction:
3 Baby Products $2.99 each
used $3 off 3 coupon
got back $6 in +ups
(Free after +ups)
2 Oreos 2/$6
used $1/2
used $1/2 from Video Values
got back $3 in +ups
($0.50 each after +ups)
I also used a $1 Video Value Coupon.
I used +ups to pay and then had to hand over $1.64??? For tax and the rest that wasn't covered by +ups. (Got back $9 in +ups)

Second Transaction:
2 Sucrets $2.99 each
used 2- $1 coupons (I couldn't find the $1.50 - might not have gotten it)
got back $4 in +ups
5 baby products - used same deal as above
(used another $3 off $3 and a $2 off $2)
2 more oreos - used same deal as above
I had one last $4 off $20 Video Values Coupon that I was holding on to. So I had to pay with $16 in +ups. I paid a little over a dollar oop. and got back $17 in +ups

Third Transaction
3 Sucrets - same deal as above
2 more baby products - same deal as above
2 M&Ms - Valentine clearance $1.99 each
used $1.50 off 2
I paid with $12 in +ups and $1.23 oop. I got back $10 in +ups for the next time.
So overall, I paid almost $4 fo everything above and still have over $30 in +ups to use. I didn't get all of the +ups here. have some $10 ones that I am saving because they don't expire until April and I will need diapers!!!!!
How did you do????

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