Monday, February 21, 2011

More Wegmans Coupons

I did get word from Wegmans that top shoppers received the $14 coupon booklet. It was based on dollar amount spent when using the SCC. So if you shop without using your SCC or is you use someone elses you wouldn't have as high of a dollar amount qualifying you for the coupon booklet.

My hubby is on his way to Wegmans... no surprise there... And that got me to thinking about their mysterious coupons. Yesterday my mother in law brought over her leftover coupons. Yes... she brings me whatever she doesn't use. She is wonderful. And inside the bag was a coupon booklet from Wegmans. I finally have proof that there are some other Wegmans coupon booklets being sent out. I did not receive this one if the mail, but my mother in law did just a town over. She cut some of them out to use her self, but I could see that there were coupons for Wegmans yogurt,$1 off Wegmans Chips, $1 off $5 for a number of different items (meat, sushi, prepared foods, nature's market, etc.)

I am still not sure who is getting these or why. I shared with you the two coupons I got in the mail. I love basically up the street from Wegmans. And my mother in law is about a 15 minute from Wegmans and got the "booklet." So I am not sure if it has anything to do with distance. The booklet also said thank you for being a great customer. (I am about to call my mom and see if she got one... and if she wants them..he he he)

On a side note: The blog is about a year old now. I still consider myself fairly new at this. With Wegmans being one of my main blogging topics, I am just asking anyone out there reading this to let me know what I can do to make the Wegmans post more useful. Is there anything out there that you would like to know that I am not covering? Thanks for your help and support :)


  1. I got the Wegmans coupons in the mail. I am not sure how they decide to send them out but I am on the mailing (email?) list and get the recipe book in the mail too, regularly (also has coupons).

    Today when I was there, I saw a pile of the new booklet you are speaking of, as I was checking out. I asked the cashier if I could have one. It seemed as though he acted that he forgot and meant to put one in my bag?? I am unsure how they do that, but he did let me have one!


  2. by the way, the coupon for the yogurt is one FREE yogurt. Keep a look out for this booklet!