Thursday, February 10, 2011

Rite Aid Stop

I went to Rite Aid on Sunday, but just to look for frosting and get diapers. I didn't have my coupons ready to go again until today.

At my first stop I grabbed:

6 boxes of cereal $1.99 each
I used 2- $1/3 from redplum to make each around $1.66 each
then I got back $3 in +ups from the Frosted Flakes
(I believe the Rice Crispies also may be producing a +up.)

2 Halls Cherry $2/2
used $1/2 and $0.50 VV to drop price to $0.50 for both
then got back $1 +up

2 boxes of Cheez-its $1.99 each
used $1/2 to drop price to $1.49 each
then got back $2 in +ups

This scenario would have been better with a $4 off $20 if I had had one with me....I had to use $12 in +ups to pay for this and $1 Video Value coupon (and $0.42 oop). I got back $6 in +ups. It wasn't free, but we were running low on my hubby's fav - Apple Jacks. Like I said before, he can eat a box in a sitting.... and he's still so skinny...

While I was there, one of my favorite managers handed me this little Rite Aid bag with a mug, flash light, pen, and bag of Doritos and said it was customer appreciation day. How cute!!! Anyone else get this?

I went to a second Rite Aid to try and find paper towels. The other was out. I was able to get 4 and some more Halls for hubby.

4 Paper Towels $1.29 each - on sale BOGO Free
used 2- $1/2 coupons from P&G insert
made these $0.29 for 2 or about $0.15 each

I got more halls with same deal as above minus the Video Values Coupon

And I grabbed two peanut butter hearts $0.50 each
used a BOGO coupon that was about to expire
made these $0.25

I used another $1 Video Value Coupon here and only had to pay $0.32 oop. And I got $1 +up on my receipt. Not too bad.....

The trucks come in on Saturday to my fav Rite Aids, so I am hoping they will have more frosting. But we will see.

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