Thursday, February 17, 2011

My heart skipped a little

The other night, I made homemade chicken noodle soup for dinner. I thought we had crackers, but my hubby had left an empty box in the cupboard. So he ran to Wegmans. When I checked the receipt I saw that he had used a coupon, but I hadn't given him one. So I asked him about it. He said there were tear-pad coupons near by and he thought he should use it. I almost cried!!! This is coming from the man that just a few months ago was hassling me about not wanting to use our time on clipping coupons, not wanting to bring coupons with him to the store, etc. He just keeps amazing me....


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  2. Awesome! My hubby is a little coupon shy himself. I think men think it's not a guy thing.