Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wegmans Stop

I have not set foot in a Wal mart in almost 2 weeks. It is hard to take two small children from store to store. So I am just doing what works best. And I think it is going well.

You can see here that I had to stock up on pasta. I did pay a couple pennies more here than the $0.61 for the Wal mart brand, but well worth it not to have to make another stop. I also picked up the Turkey Hill Iced Tea, a couple gallons of milk, eggs, bread, salad, and Ice Cream (of course) just to name a few items. I had a basket filled with yummy stuff. I saved almost $35 at Wegmans and spent around $80 which is fine by me. I used to spend over $140 before "super couponing" and am quite pleased to see that we are eating better and for less money. :)

To see all the prices and coupons go back to previous Wegmans post.


  1. I am loving my couponing experience too! I used to spend around $800 a month on groceries, toiletries and necessities at Walmart. I never set foot in a Rite Aid or Walgreens because their prices seemed so much higher than Walmart. I never used a coupon or thought of price matching. Now I am down to about $300-$400 a month for all of my family's needs. It's a wonderful feeling to be able to have what you need on hand and not stress that you dont have the money to go get what you need. We still cant provide for all their wants (teenagers have pretty expensive wants), but I feel like we are getting to a much better place financially. I am hoping within 6 months we will be caught up on our bills and have more breathng room to give them a few more of their wants as well, with all the savings from using coupons. Thank you for teaching me how to save by using coupons by writing this blog! Your blog and a few other blogs have really made a difference in my family's life!!

  2. Very cool blog. I am now following you from Saturday Stalk. I hope you can follow back :)


    I also have a friend who has been doing the coupon thing for a while now. She has quite a few followers. Check her blog out. She is always posting deals.