Thursday, October 14, 2010

In my Garden

Well, with the frost here in upstate New York, the garden season is quickly coming to an end. My daughter had some fun pulling up some carrots that I have been freezing for stews and soups. I cannot believe how good our garden has been to us. I thank the Lord each day as I look at that beautiful site in my front yard. These are only some of the carrots we have. You can see that some look quite normal, and others.... well, not so much. And the taste of a fresh carrot... out of this world!!!

My freezer is so full of produce to get us through the winter. It is exciting.


  1. now those are some serious carrots!
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  2. wow look at those crazy carrots!! I really want to learn to garden, but am so lazy about getting started!! We cant really plant directly into the soil here in Southern Mississippi because its sand and clay. Of course we have plants that do grow directly in int, but I wouldnt want to grow my food in it. But I suppose some do?? People have gardens and farms here so I suppose it could work. I just havent had any luck the couple times I tried. It would cost me a small fortune to build up a garden, buy enough soil, fertilizer, seeds etc... not sure if it is really worth it??