Saturday, October 16, 2010

Rite Aid Scenarios

If you are new to shopping at Rite Aid, October is a great month to start. It will take some money out of pocket, but you'll get it back in Single Check Rebates (SCR) and then have money to use from there on future purchases.
I try to use as little of my own money as I can (OOP out of pocket). The $5 off $25 coupons really help with this. You can find one here to print from home.
Here are some of my thoughts for the week:
Idea #1
Pampers $19.99
small filler (ruler or glue on clearance for $0.24?)
Use $4 off $20 and $1 off Pampers from P&G insert to make total $15 and get $4 +up.
So grand total would be $11 for a box of pampers. Not the greatest deal in the world, but it is pretty nice and beats Walmart.
This deal would also work with Huggies and would be cheaper because of the $2 Video Values and some higher value Huggies coupons. Hopefully your loves' bums will work with huggies, unlike mine...
Idea #2
With all the freebates, I like to try and mix SCR and cheap after coupon deals to keep my OOP low.
You could buy:
4 Nivea Men's Bodywash $15.96
Bee MD Cough Drops $2.49
Cold Buster $6.99
Total: $25.44
Use $5 off $25
4 - $3 off Nivea from 10/17 insert
Pay $8.44
Get $5+up for Nivea, $2.49 SCR for Bee MD, and $6.99 for Cold Buster, and $1 Rebate found on Bee MD website. That's $15.48 back, making this a money maker!!!!
If you can't find 4 men's washes, you could get 2 women's and use $3/2 from 10/17 insert. You'll pay a little more OOP, but still will be a money maker in the end.
***Now if the Nyquil Sinex is also included in the 2/$8 deal, these would be a great choice for scenarios too. They are not pictured or included in the wording, but may ring up as on sale. Plus, with the sale last week, who knows if there will even be any in stock.I will let you know what I find tomorrow.
Idea #3
4 Sinex 2/$8 ($16)
Therma care $2.99
Children's Oscillococcinum $4.99
Beyond Bodyheat $2.99
Total $26.98
use $5 off $25
$1 printable for Therma care
$2 printable for Oscillo.
2-$4 off sinex
pay $10.98 oop. Get back $3 +up for Sinex, $2.99 SCR for Therma Care, $4.99 SCR fro Oscill., and $2.99 for Beyond Bodyheat (That's $14.97 back or a $4 money maker.)
But this will only work if the Sinex is included in the sale.************
And of course, these deals may be better if you have some +ups to use to lower your OOP.
To see more deals you can visit Shannon at For the Mommas here.

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