Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Crystal Body Deodorant

As a member of the One 2 One network, I was notified that there would be a special on Crystal Body Deodorant at Rite Aid and Walgreen next week. The stick deodorant will be on $1 off and the roll-on and spray version will be $0.50 off. I plan to check out the prices next trip so that I can give you an idea of how much this might be at your store.

The Crystal Body Deodorant claims to be an "un-odorant". In other words, they prevent smell instead of just disguising smells. It is an all natural mineral salt deodorant. They never test on animals and believe in giving back to the community. To find out more you can go to their website here.

Information in this post was taken from The Crystal website and sent to me from One2One Network. I was not paid to share this information.

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