Saturday, October 23, 2010

Rite Aid Trip

Well, this may be one of the last really good Rite Aid trips if they get rid of the $5 off $25. It becomes a whole new ball game. If you don't know what I'm talking about, it seems that Rite Aid is not accepting the pdf $5 off $25 that recently came out... nope not taking the one that expires in Oct or the Nov... ugh... But you know what, they have been really good to us with putting out those coupons all the time and also giving out the "seemlingly limitless" plus ups. I know that I have seen that there are some people out there taking advantage of the system. They use ten copies of the coupon in one week and clear the shelves. So I am just going to have to be more creative with the coupons they do release and a little more stingy on the purchases I will make. When I first started shopping at Rite Aid there weren't that many $5 off $25 coupons available and there was no such thing as +ups. So we'll just have to see and be thankful for the items we were able to stock up on while we could.

Anyways, here is what I was able to do this week to save the family some money:

Transaction #1
I bought 2 bottles of Nyquil 2/$8

I used:
$1 off $1 Video Value Coupon
2 - $1.50 off Nyquil Coupons
2- $1 +ups from last visit

So I paid $2 oop plus tax and then got $3 back in +ups. So that made this a $1 money maker. This wasn't a huge gain, but my husband uses this product quite a bit in the cold season and I wanted to stock up.

Transaction #2

I was in desperate need of diapers (I had 3 left.... only using Pampers Cruisers sure makes it hard to save... but it is what his butt likes....)

I bought 1 box of Pampers $19.99 (not pictured because they were opened right away) and one bottle of glue $0.25 (filler to get over $20).

I used:

$4 off $20 from Video Values
$1 off Pampers from the P&G insert

I paid $15.24 plus tax and got back $4 in +ups (Making this around $11.24) This was not the best, but we were in need.

Transaction #3

I bought:

2 Nivea Men's Wash
2 Nivea Women's Wash (All 4 for $15.96 or $4.99 each)
1 Bee MD cough drops $2.49
Cold Buster $6.99

Total $25.44 plus tax
I used $5 off $25 (This Oct pdf worked fine last Monday for me... who knows know.)
2- $3 off Men's Nivea
$3/2 Women's Nivea
$7 in +ups from the past 2 transactions

So then I paid $4.44 oop and got back $5 in +ups. I will also get back $2.49 and $6.99 in SCR.

So all in all, after all +ups and SCR for all 3 transactions I really only spent about $5. Now, it took more than that oop so I hate to think about it that way because I had to have to money up front to purchase these things, but I will be getting a big fat check from Rite Aid once this period of SCRs is over!!!!!!

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