Sunday, October 3, 2010

Rite Aid Trip

Finally made it to Rite Aid and previously planned scenario worked out pretty well.

I got:
nexxus shampoo $9.99 (out of the $5.99)
nexxus conditioner $2.99 (50% off)
EOS $2.99
Orbit Gum $0.88
Aveeno shampoo $5.99
Hershey Bliss 2/$6

I used
$5 off $25
$3 nexxus from sample
$6/2 nexxus VV
$.50 off Orbit VV
$1 off Aveeno printable
$4 off Aveeno VV
2-$1 Bliss VV
$1/2 Bliss from insert

$28.84 plus tax -$22.50 IN COUPONS = $6.34. Then I got back $3 in +ups and will get back $2 for EOS in SCR. So it wasn't all technically free, but with old +ups and gift card nothing came out of my pocket!

I bought the Pampers in a previous transaction mentioned earlier.

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