Sunday, December 19, 2010

Rite Aid Stops

I actually went to 2 different Rite Aids and stopped a couple times trying to find the those toothbrushes I wanted. I ended up with a Rain Check and I am going to stop this week after my favorite Rite Aid has finished unpacking their totes. So once again, I had to change my plans.

Here is what I did:

Trip #1
I used $1 off from Video Values

3 boxes of Apple Jacks $1.88 each
used $1.50/3 from old insert
made these $1.38 each

4 Air Wick Candles $5.99 each (BOGO)
used 4 - $3 off coupons
made all free
got back $3 +up

2 Halls 2/$3
used $1/2 coupon
got back $1 +up
made these $0.50 each

2 Similac $4.99
used 2- $5 off coupons
made these free

Total was $5.14 plus tax. I used $1 coupon and $4 in +ups to pay $0.14 plus tax. And as mentioned I got back $4 in +ups.

I went back again in hopes to find the toothbrushes. They still did not have the Oral B Vitality, so I got these instead:

3 more cereals $1.88
used another $1.50 off 3
made these $1.38

2 packs of batteries $8.77 each
used 2 - $1.50 coupons
made these $7.27 each
I got back 2 - $1 +ups and will get back $5 SCR
(Who doesn't need more batteries this time of year???)

1 more similac $4.99
used $5 coupon

2 more BOGO candles
used 2 - $3 off coupons

4 tape $1.49 BOGO (Paid $2.98 for all 4)
got back $4 in +ups

So in the end I used $3 off $20 from Video Values ($4.14 cereal + $14.54 batteries + $2.98 tape) I had $6 in +Ups. So that's $21.66 - 9 = $12.66. I got back $6 in +ups and $5 in SCR. So it is knid of like I paid $1.66 plus tax for all. I haven't been doing the best with getting my oop low, but I think that this is pretty good for what I came home with. And it was all things that we were in need of... well except for the candles. But I am hoping that they will make good gifts!

How did you do?

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