Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Rite Aid Ideas

Well, I live in the Rochester area of New York and I have been hit hard with snow. So I didn't even try to get to Rite Aid yet. And you know what, I feel like I don't have the out of pocket money to do much there either. But anyways, here are some ideas that I came up with. Remember that my ideas are based on my family's needs and you may want to substitute one item for another. Hopefully this just gives you a starting point. I also know that many of you have $5 off $25 from Redplum still left. I do not....

Idea #1

2 - Similac $4.99
use 2 -$5 off from 12/5 RP
(Will be donating or giving to a neighbor)

4 Airwick candles $5.99 BOGO
use 4 - $3 off from 11/14?? SS
get $3 plus up for spending $10
(I am hoping these will be a nice addition to gifts)

2 - Ecotools bogo 50%
I'll be looking for $2 versions (so I'll spend $3 total)
get $5 +up for buying 2
(no coupons needed)

4 - Reeses single serve candy BOGO
use BOGO coupons from 12/12 to make free
(stocking stuffers!!!)

2 - Rite Aid Invisible Tape $1.49 BOGO
get $2 in +up ($1 for each)

3 boxes of Kellogs cereal $1.88 each
use $1.50 off 3 from

4 - Halls 2/$3
use 2- $1/2 from 11/7 SS
(use VV if they are the right size $0.50 off)
get 2 - $1/2 +up

I will also use $1/1 from Video Values. So I would end up paying $11.63 oop. I have $6 in old +ups to put towards this. So my oop would be $6.63. Your's may differ. I would then get back $12 in +ups.

Idea #2

Then I would purchase the Oral B Vitality (my daughter's dentist recommended this and we had one but my son destroyed it... so great time for a new one)

I will use $10 coupon and $3 off $20 from video values and then $8 from the +ups. I will have to pay $0.99 plus tax and will get back $5 in +ups. (I would now have $9 +ups left from last 2 transactions)

Idea #3

2 Duracell Batteries ($8.77 each) $17.54
use 2- $1.50/1 Duracell coupons
and use the $9 in +ups
and I'll use another $1/1 from Video Values

so I'll pay $4.74 oop
I'll get back $2 +ups and submit for the $5 SCR (When you spend $15)

In the end, I will need $17.36 oop and will have gotten back $19 in +ups (but I will only end up with 2 going towards next week) and $5 SCR. I am hoping that my SCR will come in the mail to help with the oop soon!!!

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