Friday, December 3, 2010

Rite Aid Scenarios

I already stopped before December started and grabbed the following:

Pampers $17/2

2 Reeses Peanut Butter Cups 2/$5

2 Hershey's candy 2/$5

Total $27

I used $5 off $25 (While I still could....)
2- $1 off Pampers
2- $1 off candy
$6 in +ups

I was left to pay $12 plus tax and then I got back $6 in more +ups. It wasn't a great deal and I hadn't watched the Video Values for more candy coupons. But I wanted the candy to give out at school as a rewards and I wanted to use my diaper coupons before they expired on the 30th. When you use the dumpster and rely on friends to give you coupons you never know if you'll get more of one kind or not. So I wanted to get the diapers in case I didn't get the December coupons.

(I only buy 2 papers each Sunday - but somehow end up with 10 or so copies within a bit of time by asking people at work, family, and looking in the recycling bin I mentioned in a previous post.)

I am working on another deal because I really need more pantyhose:

2 more bags of candy 2/$5
2 Foamies -craft $$$ BOGO 50% off
2 Nononsense Pantyhose $$$ BOGO FREE
1 Halls $3

I am not sure on some of the prices since I'm not sure which I am going to pick up. I am going to try and keep total near $20.

So then I will use:

$4 off $20 from November Video Values
$1/2 candy
$1/2 Video Value off candy
$1.50/1 RA Video Values
(not sure if they will take $1/1 from RA booklet too)
$0.50 off Halls from Video Values
$5 off Foamies Video Values

(That gets total down to $12 or $13ish)

and then I will use $6 in +ups. To make my oop $6 or $7.

I will get back $2 for candy and $2 for Halls. Again, it isn't totally free, but they are items my family needs and a couple for Christmas:)

If anyone has help with prices please help and I'd love to hear what great deals you got at my fav Store.


  1. I get 6 papers every Sunday and usually throw all my diaper coupons away ... if you want me to send them to you I would be more than happy to!

  2. You are sweet. I thought about asking you if you've wanted coupons before too - razors & dove come to mind... seems that our areas are often opposite of each other. Maybe at some point we can trade!!

  3. I have been MIA again sorry!!! tis the season. But yes absolutely! I have 2 weeks worth of sunday paper coupons I am hoping to sit down and cut today!! Just let me know if you are interested. I believe there are some good diaper Qs from last Sunday in my paper!!