Thursday, December 9, 2010

Personalized Books on Gaggle of Chicks

Now this really isn't a "deal" but I thought it was cool:

Right now you can get a Personalized book from Paper Hat Press through Gaggle of Chicks for $19 (if you have the $10 credit).

It isn't a book that just has your child's name in it a couple times... You actually get to personalize quite a bit of it. Here is a blurb from the site:

Our deal for Little Star–the third and most recent creation by the Academy Award winning team of illustrators and designers at Paper Hat–allows you to create your own book with your child’s name and various other clever details. (Favorite foods, family values, sibling names, etc.) Drawing on the intuitive technology, the process of creation is fun for the whole family. The final product is a keepsake for life, not to mention the perfect Christmas gift!

I bring this up because my little love got a fairy/princess version of a book like this last year from my mom and she just LOVES it. I have no idea how much it cost my mom, but would guess it was expensive with all of the personalizing. It is a gift that my love will cherish forever. So I just wanted to share with you.

You can still get the $10 credit here.

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