Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Target Trip

I don't often shop at Target because it is just too far away from our house. However, I couldn't pass up this deal. We are going to be dog sitting for a few months. And the dog eats Pedigree. Right now the small bags (3.5lb) are on sale 2/$8 and there was a $3/1 coupon that came out a while ago in certain areas. That makes each bag $1. At that price I grabbed 6 bags. So that is 21 lbs of dog food for just $6!!!

Please note, my area did not get the coupon. I had to trade on AFC to get them... But I have heard that there are printable $3 coupons as well. In addition there is a deal going on with the larger bags as well where you can earn a gift card after purchase. I am not sure of all the details because it was a more expensive route, but I know Shannon posted about it on FTM.

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