Thursday, March 24, 2011

Nutella Mommy Party

I was very excited to be chosen to host a Nutella Mommy Party, thanks to MommyParties.

I was sent a full size container of Nutella and samples for 10 guests. I had never tried Nutella before and was very interested to finally taste this product that so many had been telling me about. And I was excited to share it with friends.

The recipe cards included shared some easy ways to include Nutella into your breakfast. The pictures look delicious too. There was Nutella on waffles, english muffins and whole grain bread. Since my mommy party was not taking place in the morning, I tried to come up with other ways to use this yummy product. There is actually a website full of recipes for Nutella Day (Feb 5) that you can see here. I picked out a few for my guests to enjoy and I want to share them with you too. You can click on the links to get the recipes and directions.

banana muffins with nutella frosting

(I loved the muffins, but did not end up using the frosting recipe. I made it and not even my hubby would eat it, so I had to try another recipe.)

nutella and raspberry sandwiches (this one is on one of my favorite cooking blogs!)

fruit and nutella smoothies

I was simply amazed at all the different ways that you can use Nutella. But I would recommmend just eating it plan the first time you try it... on a spoon. My students told me it was like chocolate and peanut butter. When I sampled this I didn't quite agree... it is really a flavor unlike any other. It isn't something I could eat all the time. It is a very unique taste.

My guests and I even tried it on fruit.

You can find out more about Nutella here. There are tips for moms, a store locator, and even a $1 off coupon.

Have you tried Nutella?

What are your favorite ways to use it?


  1. Yuuummmmm. =) I don't eat it often, but it is delicious. Chocolate + hazelnuts = perfect combo.

    Have you ever had Rocher chocolates? Nutella is basically what is in the center. Delicious.

    It is pretty sweet though.


  2. That is exactly what I was thinking when I tasted it too. I think that might be my favorite way to eat it. Now I might have to try and make those candies myself!!!!

  3. we hosted a nutella party as well and you can read about it at my blog I am your newest follower and look forward to reading more great post

  4. I have never tried but sure want to. It looks yummy and anything with cocoa in I am sold. enjoy!