Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Couple quick Wegmans deals

My grades are due this week in case anyone has wondered where I am.... SO things will get back to normal soon.

Picture should be up tonight.

I went to Wegmans on Sunday for a few groceries. Here are some of the things I noticed:

1.) Snapple 6 packs had rebate forms taped to them. If you have the $1/1 coupon this could make a nice deal

2.) phili cooking creme 2/$4
use the $1.50 in the 3/6 insert to make $0.50

3.) Reese mini drops 2/$5
use the $2 off coupon to make them $1.50 each

4.) Purex 3in1 $4.99
use $3 off coupon to make $1.99

5.) Raisin Bran Crunch 2/$5
use 2 - $0.70 from Kelloggs.com *doubled*
makes these $1.10 each
****Plus some of the boxes had a coupon for $1 off fresh fruit when you buy 2 cereals. That could mean free 2lbs of bananas at $0.49/lb
Don't forget that Cheez-its are still on sale 2/$4. You can use the $1/2 to make them $1.50 each
Wegmans canned veggies are $0.39 each. The Wegmans diapers are $6.49. I used a $3 off coupon to make them $3.49.
The Campbell's soups are not on sale. They are $1.59. But since the coupon I used ($0.50/2) can be doubled, I got them at $1.09 each. This isn't a great price, but a good one for us to have on hand for quick meals.

I will have more match-ups as soon as I get my work done!!!!!!!!

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