Saturday, March 19, 2011

Book Review: Love Food & Live Well

I recently received Love Food & Live Well, by Chantel Hobbs, the author of Never Say Diet. I was sent this book for free from the Blogging for Books program through Waterbrook Multnomah Press in return for my honest review.

Are you looking to lose weight? Have you spent years losing and then gaining it back and maybe more? Chantel is with you. She spent most of her adult life trying to lose 200 pounds. She tried everything to do it too. And none of it worked. Until now. She has a "deal" that has kept her 200 pounds off for the last 10 years. And it isn't a magic pill, it isn't 5 hours of exercising each day. In fact, it is probably something you would never have guessed.... She says to stop trying to control your life, and give it to God. It was a surprising solution that I was not expecting.

Through the chapters of Love Food and Live Well, Chantel shows a step by step guide of how she finally put God in control of her life and began to love herself again. Now, you might be thinking, "Well God isn't going to just hit me with lightning and make me thin again..." And you're right! Chantel does share the hard steps that she took to get those 200 pounds off. And she shares what agony she went through after losing the weight as she began to obsess about the weight loss and exercise. But she was able to do with God's help. And she shares what that means and looks like for each one of us.

The first half of the book is geared to getting your heart and soul in the right place to be able to let God in and let you change. She says that this is the most important part of making this "deal" work and keep working. Then she shares her food and exercise tips for getting you started. I love the 80/20 rule. She explains about the different types of food that your body needs. And you should eat that food 80% of the time. But no one wants to give up everything tasty and delicious for the rest of their lives. That is where the other 20% comes in. It is a glorious plan that allows you to keep enjoying food in a healthy way.

Chantel Hobbs has a very easy to read and funny approach to weight loss and life. Her writing was entertaining yet educational. I would encourage anyone struggling with weight loss to read this book. I would also encourage others that my be dealing with other obsessive thoughts and behaviors to read the first half of this book as she shares how she got right with God and has let Him lead her life. She had powerful words that could help us all.

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