Friday, May 28, 2010

Wegmans Deals

Here are just a few of the things that I noticed were on sale at Wegmans:

First - check out the Revlon clearance. They have a bunch of discontinued items. There should be a $2 off coupon you can pair with them to get makeup for fairly cheap!!! Plus, the Revlon nail polish is on sale for $2.99. So you can score some great stocking stuffers, basket fillers, or whatever you might want for yourself for a buck!

So here are just a few of the items I noticed that continue to be on sale or might even be a new addition. Wegmans tends to keep things on sale for several weeks.

On going:

3 Musketeers $.59
* use $.25 coupon doubled to make it $.09

Bandaids still 2/$3
*use $1 off or $.50 (doubles) to make them $.50 each
*and don't forget about the free first aid kit mail in too

Garden of Eatin tortilla chips 2/$4
* use $1 off coupon from to make $1 each

Milk 2% $1.99 (other varieties range around this price)

Wegmans Juice $1.99 (plastic bottles)

Maxwell House 11.5oz $1.99
*use $.75 coupon received in mail (doubled) to make it about $0.50

Doritos $1.99

Wegmans canned veggies $.39!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wegmans hot dog and hamburger rolls $.99

Wegmans Ice Cream 1.5qt $1.99

Wegmans Ice Cream Sandwiches $1.99

Bush Bean 2/$3 (there are several coupons out there - check coupon database above)

Wegmans Paper Towels 8 pk $4.99

Cool Whip $.99

Some other items I've found

Secret $.99
*if you got $.50 in p&g from 5/2 doubles to be free?????

Old El Paso - many products $.99

Wegmans Diapers 50- 100count $13.99 (if you don't have coupons or a drugstore near by this may be the way to go)

Wegmans elbows $.69

Jack Daniel's BBQ sauce $2.19
*use $.75 coupon from Sunday paper doubled to make it $.69

Bison Dip $1.79
*use #.35 coupon from paper doubled to make it $1.09

Nesquick Chocolate Syrup (smaller bottle) $1.99
* use $.50 coupon from paper doubled to make it $.99

I am sure that there are more deals out there but these are the few that caught my attention. Wegmans isn't always the place to score tons of free stuff, but they do double many coupons and their store brand is of high quality and generally at a very low price. I love to use Wegmans brand for items that I can't find a decent price or coupon!!!

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