Tuesday, May 11, 2010

High Value Coupons

One of my most favorite ways to score high value coupons is to contact the company itself. I love to write to companies that I use and share my thoughts. They are usually compliments since they are from items that I do use. I am always honest and I keep it short and sweet.

Lately it seems that the return from comapnies has been sparse. A few companies told me they were going to send a coupon for a free product that ended up just being $1 off. Too bad the product wasn't free, but I am still thankful for the $1 off which is more than I would have saved for a product I was planning to purchase.

This week I am writing to:
Hidden Valley - farmhouse
Dove Chocolate - just tried the peanut butter bar in sample showcase
coca cola

As I think of more I will post. Let's have some fun too - I'll update with the results!

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