Saturday, May 22, 2010

Roll Backs at Walmart

There are a ton of rollbacks that my family has enjoyed right now at Walmart. These include:

Heinz ketchup 40 oz for $1 (was $2.42)

Arnold Sandwich Thins $2.50

Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing $2.50 (was $3.56)

Hershey's chocolate syrup $1.68

The Hunt's ketchup in the picture was free after the coupon I got from All You Reality Checkers. They asked some of the participants to try it out and respond.

The mustard was also on sale. I apologize, but I forgot how much it was. I also used a coupon $1 off 2.

Crest with Scope $1.50
-I used $1 off 2 from P&G insert in Sunday paper

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