Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rite Aid ideas for this week...

I have been really bummed with the Rite Aid deals lately. How about you?

I have already purchased $15 worth of Tylenol Precise (for free after coupons) for the Weekend Warrior deal. (Buy $25 worth of participating products and get $10 in +ups). And I also went into the week with no +ups because all of mine expired that week. And I used them to buy cereal and pampers.

So here are my two goals:
1.) Earn the $10 +up for as little oop as possible
2.) earn some +ups to use for next time
3.) get some soda because hubby keeps drinking it and I like to have back up for migraines!!!!

So this is what I did:

Transaction #1
bought 4 caress bodywashes 4/$10
bought bengay (part of weekend warrior) $5.99 ($5.40 after my discount)

Total $15.40

I used $3 off $15 from receipt survey
4 - $1 off Caress from 5/22 RP
1 - $3 off Bengay from 5/22
1- $2 off Bengay from the RA ad

So then I paid $3.40 + tax. And I got back a $3 +up for the bodywash. (almost like paying $0.40 for all)

Transaction #2

3 - coke 12 pks $10.98
1 - Bengay $5.40 after discount

Total $16.38 plus tax and deposit

I used $3 off $15
$3 and $2 off bengay as mentioned before
$3 +up from previous transaction

I paid $7.38 plus tax and deposit. I got back $2 for the Coke and $10 for the weekend warrior because I reached the $25 mark.

I also grabbed the coppertone in a transaction I did on Sunday. It wasn't great, but the hubby was complaining about using baby or kid sunlotion while at work. And he wanted a spray so that he could get his back easier. So after telling him I thought he was silly, I gave in.

Coppertone BOGO 50% off
I bought 2 at 10.49 and $5.24
The register also took my 10% off -$1.57

I used $3 off $15
2 - $1 off from
2 - $2 off Rite Aid printables (I found two different one at

Pay $5.16 plus tax.

How did you do?

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