Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A couple new coupons... and why I've been missing!

If you head over to there should be $0.75/1 hormel compleats and also $0.75/1 Little Debbie Cloud Cakes.

These items aren't on sale at Wegmans right now, but paired with a sale you should be able to get really cheap!

And if you wonder where I've been.... #1 I had to get a new car. If you know me personally then you know that a couple months ago my hubby lost his job and then my car broke down beyond fixing. This past week he found a great new job, but there was no way we could make it to both of or positions in separate directions and drop off the babes with one vehicle. So I've been busy! In a good way!!
#2 - This week is the NYS Math Assessment that my students and I have been preparing for all year. So this is a busy week with all of the bits and peices finally coming together.

I hope that you are having a great week and when I finally get to go shopping I will give you some updates!

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