Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Frugal Fun: Headbands

Around Easter time I went looking for new headbands to put in my little love's basket. I was totally blown away when I saw the prices.... $8 for one headband because it had a flower glued to it???? There was no way that I would pay that price for just one headband. As I looked the hair accessories over, I decided that there was no reason that I couldn't make these myself. And so I set out on a mission to make some fun items for my love's gorgeous locks!!

So my goal was to see how many headbands I could make for under $8... and would they look as good as the store bought items.

I started at the dollar store. For $7 plus tax I bought the following:

1 bag of gem stones $1
4 plain headbands (2 packs of 2) $2
3 sets of fake flowers $3
1 package of butterflies $1

I already own a hot glue gun and had extra glue sticks. So I got to work. First I dismantled the fake flowers so that I only had the petals and center.

Some of the flowers needed a little something, so I added some gemstones. You can see in this blue flower that I added the stones in the center to dress it up a little.

Then I glued the flowers and butterflies off to the side to create a fun look for my blondie.

She loved the headbands so much that we plan to make more together and give as gifts. Plus I still have enough decorations to probably make 3 or 4 more. We will just need to get more headbands. This project was really a ton of fun. And it made her Easter basket look cool too.

(In this last photo some of the petals got caught under the headband. The flowers were really full with no "bald spots".)

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  1. I bought a flower one like these for $10!! I can't believe how awesome these look!!