Sunday, March 4, 2012

My past two Wegmans stops!

Well, I have not posted a picture in a long time. I haven't really had a chance to do any great couponing in a long time. But with the baby coming in a couple weeks, I think it is time to start stocking up on easy to grab things from the cupboard. Not that we eat like that all the time, but I am going to need all the help I can get.

So, here are some of the items I grabbed last week. I bought multiples of most, but it is easier to just put a couple in the picture.

A bunch of the items had coupons that were expiring that day. And I apologize that I didn't notice the deals before the day of. :(

Q-tips 375 pack $2.59
used $0.50/1 from RP expired (doubled to make $1 off)
stacked this with the $0.50/1 in the Wegmans winter savings coupon booklet
made these $1.09

Italian dressing (had a $0.70 off coupon that expired 2/26 and doubled)

Lipton tea $1.39
used $0.40/1 doubled/expired
made this $0.59

Knorr noodles $1.09 each
used $0.50/2 doubled/expired
made these $0.59 each

Lipton soup recipes $1.69
used $0.60/1 doubled/expired
made these $1.09 each

Dole fruit in juice $2.39
used $0.75/1 from 1/8 SS
doubles to make it $0.89
(I think there is a $0.50/1 printable here)

Yoplait with granola $1.99
used $0.75/1 from 2/5 GM
doubles to make it $0.49 each

Purina Chew-eez $0.99
used $4/4 coupon from 12/4 SS (expires today I think)
made these totally free

And the pyrex dishes were on sale with coupons hooked right on to them. They were $3.99 and then the $1 off made them $2.99. There were plenty of other sizes available on sale as well. I have a strange addiction to pyrex dishes. I love them and prefer them over tupperware. So I am always glad to get more on sale!

All in all, I only saved about $40 total from that trip. It wasn't great but it was better than I have been doing.

So I went back to Wegmans today, bound and determined to do a little better.

And I did, but it still wasn't great. In the end I saved over $70 in this trip. Most of what you see above was bought in quantities of 4 because Wegmans will double 4 like coupons in a trip. I try to stick by the rules, so there may be stores where you can use more, but as it was I handed the poor girl about a thousand coupons with some that were for free items. So I didn't want to put her through anything else. Not to mention that my cart was totally full. So I will go back with the remaining coupons I still have to continue to stock up. Some people might think it is weird to buy 4 jars of jelly at once, but remember you want to get it at the lowest price possible and stock up so that you never pay full price!

Welch's jelly $1.99
used $0.55/1 from 2/12 RP or you might be able to print from here
double to make it $0.89

More of the yogurts I mentioned above at $0.49 per package

Lucky Charms 2/$5
used $0.50/1 from or from
doubles to make this $1.50 each

Stouffer's Mac and Cheese Family Entree $4.99
used $2/1 from 1/29 RP #2
makes this $2.99 each

French's Fried Onions
used $.50/1 from 2/12 SS
doubles to make it

Duncan Hinse cake $3.39
got this free from a coupon a company mailed to me :)

Blistex Chapstick $0.99
used $0.35/1 from  1/22 SS
doubles to make it $0.29 each

Keebler Dark Stripe Cookies $1.99
used $0.55/1 from  2/19 RP
doubles to make it $0.89 each
(I just found that you can print a $0.70/1 from snackpicks which would be even better. )

Obviously to save over $70, there were some other purchases, but I thought that these were the most notable.

Have you seen any great Wegmans deals lately?

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