Thursday, March 8, 2012

Arnold Health-Full Breads

Health-full breads

As a bzzagent, I am sent all sorts of interesting products to try and bzz about. This has been one of the most delicious.

 I don't know why, but the pictures of the beautiful deli sandwiches that have been everywhere always make me hungry. And I think that a good sandwich starts with a good bread.

Sometimes I think that the healthy breads that are out there can sometimes be over powering. It is like they are too think for the rest of the sandwich and all you get is a bite of bread.

So I was excited and intrigued to try out Arnold Health-Full bread through BzzAgent.

I decided to try the Nutty Grain bread. It was soft and delicious. I couldn't believe the great flavor and the way it mixed so well with the roast beef and cheese I had selected. It was the perfect thickness as well. So when I took a bite, everything was in proportion. Now, not only is this bread delicious, it is also healthy. Here is some of the bzzz about the bread:

  • 80 calories per slice, so you can focus on toppings and not on calories
  • Excellent source of fiber, with 4 – 5g of fiber per slice
  • 5g of protein per slice
  • No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
  • Available in four delicious varieties including 10 Grain, Nutty Grain, Hearty Wheat, Flax & Fiber
  • Found in the bread aisle of all major supermarkets (check our product locator on for available varieties in your area)
  • Online at — visit the site for delicious sandwich recipes to help you fall in love with lunch again
I look forward to my next Health-Full sandwich!

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