Friday, March 19, 2010

Target Trip in Planning

My last trip to Target was a total disaster. I was not prepared with a list that matched my coupons, I had two cranky kids, and I didn't have a goal. (If you've read my rite aid trip posts, I don't just go to waste money on cheap stuff, I make a goal; a purpose for using my time at the store.) So my goal is to get some cheap toiletries and games for Easter Baskets.

Here are the things I will be hunting for:
1.) Pocket Connect 4 - there are coupons $4 off and some are claiming it is on clearance for $4.98
2.) travel sized bop-it - there is a $5 off hasbro coupon and a $3 off target coupon making it just $2.99 and my Hannah loves bop-it
3.) Dial Nutriskin handsoap $1.37 - target coupon for a $1 off
4.) travel size clearasil $.97 - I have $1 off coupons and I've heard there are $2 off coupons lurking about on the internet
5.) dove shampoo $3.44 - there is a $1 target Q and a $2 printable so that it would be $.44 each
6.) airwick imotion $6 - $5 Q in paper and $1 target printable - so it's free
7.) Benadryl Itch Relief Stick - $2.29 - there is a $4 off 2 coupon if I can still get prints
8.) Clever kids fruit snacks - I have a $1.50 off coupon so it should be less than a dollar ($.38????)
9.)crest toothpaste or toothbrush - should be free after p&g coupons and target Qs combined
10.) pampers sensitive wipes - because we need them and it's cheaper than Wegmans and I won't have to set a foot into walmart... ahhhhh

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