Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year = New Organization

I mentioned earlier that I was soooo sick during the holidays. It started with the kids and then finally hit me at the end. The part that really stunk: I spent hours getting back to the couponing mess I had created because I just hadn't had time clip. I went through all of my inserts and organized all my coupons. I clipped all of the 12/31/11 expiring coupons and created a list of the things my family needed and that I could stock up on with a store by store break down. So then, after all the time and hard work.... I had to throw it all away. I was too sick to go to the store and do it! And there is no way I could ask my husband to take on the task. He barely remembers to hand the cashier a coupon or two... although he has gotten better. :) So now, they are expired and my time and hard work is basically for nothing.

However, it did get me thinking. I was great at keeping my coupons organized throughout the summer. I only had the family, house and part time job to take care of. This made couponing and blogging easy. Now add in the full time job and I am insane... So what am I going to do???

Well first, I am going to start this January fresh. Every compartment of my coupon bin is getting trashed (since they are from 6 months ago anyway...haha). And from this point forward, all coupons are going in their weekly folder with the date as soon as I get them. No more leaving it out in hopes that I get 5 minutes to clip it. If anything else, with a third babe coming  and a crazy life, I need organization. I need ultra organization!!! And for my family, that is going to be the focus for our 2012. Our goal: finding space for our every increasing family.

Now this is not my only goal for 2012, but the only one I am ready to share. Haha. My getting back into shape goal has to weight until April anyways... as we welcome baby #3. :)

Any New Year's Resolutions you'd like to share?

(I'll post pics of how I organize my coupons later for anyone wanting ideas. You can also go to the archives in the "getting started" category to see other posts on keeping coupons organized to help get you started. I personally think that the way you organize is personal to you. I have seen great ideas that when I tried just didn't work for me. So go out and find the one that works for you!!!)

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