Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Book Review: Alienation


I have found another great company that offers free books to bloggers for their honest review. I recently joined Book Sneeze, and they sent my Alienation, The C.H.A.O.S. Triology 2, by Jon S. Lewis.

I have enjoyed this book and all the action packed scenes. Colt, a 16 year old boy is the last hope for Earth to fight off an alien invasion from a group called the Thule (shapeshifters). He joins an academy to train for his new position, but as he begins his training he learns that a key leader is trying to have him killed. He, accompanied by his brilliant friend Danielle who can hack into any system, and his incredibly talented friend Oz, work together to get through this new trial in life and get ready for the oncoming invasion.

When I first started to read this book, I felt really lost. It moved fast and I couldn't keep up with all the bits and pieces to the story. Then I realized that it was the second part to a triology. So if I had read the first part, I would have been able to jump right in. Either way, after a couple of chapters I was caught up to speed and able to enjoy all the many challenges that Colt faced as he was constantly being attacked by Krone. The attacks came at any minute and the way he and his friends responded was quite remarkable.

As I read this story, I instantly thought of my middle school boys. This story is is filled with gun names that I cannot picture, but I know my husband could instantly tell me what they look like and are used for. Each chapter is so exciting it is hard to find a place to stop and take a break. It has action sequences like a movie or video game that would instantly appeal to young men. I can see my students grabbing this book and not putting it down.

To check out a free exerpt from the story you can go to amazon and read here.

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