Friday, October 28, 2011

Wegmans Subs

I just want to share now that in no way did Wegmans ask me to write this. This is all my own opinion.

I personally, LOVE Wegmans subs. I think that the bread is incredible and the toppings are fresh. Even after 6 years of making subs in a pizzeria, I still love to go to Wegmans and get one of their subs. They are decently priced and will either feed more than one or make more than one meal. I can take a large sub and feed me (dinner and lunch the next day) and both of my kids (dinner). We just add some sides like chips/french fries and veggies.

So I am really excited that a Wegmans sub coupon is out there. The only bad part is that is EXPIRES tomorrow!!!!

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