Friday, August 26, 2011

Wegmans Summer Savings Booklet

Hi everyone, here is a list of the Wegmans Summer Savings coupons. I promised these to you a while ago and just haven't gotten to it. I am hoping to match some manufacture's coupons with it and give you an idea of prices tomorrow. You can find these booklets near the health/beauty section and pharmacy.

So here is what's inside:

$2 off any ROC Skin Care Product

$1 off any Revlon Eye makeup product

$1 off any topcare regenerating skin care product

$1 off any rimmel mascara

$1 off any L'Oreal lipcolor

$5 off any professional hair care product (starting at $10 or more)

$1 off any maybelline face makeup

$1 off any cover girl mascara

$1 off any Johnson's Baby Oil or Powder

$8 offf Weg Junior Club Supreme or Ultra Diapers 48-96ct

$7/2 Enfamil powder infant formula

$1 off Burt's Bees Baby item

$1 off Pampers Kandoo Product

$1 off any aquaphor product

$1 off any aveeno baby lotion

$1 off any Weg Suncare product (excludes travel size and sticks)

$1 off Flintstones Gummie Multivitamins 60ct

$1 off Tums 72-150ct

$1 off Bayer Advanced 20ct

$1 off One A Day Multi. 100ct

$3 off Fiber Choice 90ct

$1 off Aleve 80-100ct

$1 off CItracal with Vit D 120 ct

$3 off Breath Right Nasal Dilator 26-30ct

$1.50 any nivea body wash (men or women)

$1 off poligrip

$1 off reach total toothbrush or dental floss

$1 off Bic Comfort 3 Advance or Simple Soleil

$3 off Crest White Strips 2hr/Professional

$1 off any Nivea men's after shave product

$1 off sensodyne iso-active 4-4.3oz

$1 off Crest Whitening Rinse 32fl oz

I can see already that these should make for some great deals. I update with prices soon. But for now, be on the look out for these coupon booklets.

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