Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ok. I think it is time to get back to it...

This summer has just been crazy. I took on a "part-time" job teaching math courses online for a couple of different colleges to make ends meet for the summer. And, well let's say it was anything but part time. But then as things slowed down with that my little love hurt her ankle and had to be carried around and taken care of. In addition, my lovely laptop's battery is no longer working. So I can't take it outside with me while they play. So anyways.... it has been hard to keep up with some of the things I used to do.

But then I went grocery shopping. And the total .... $130!!!! I haven't seen this number in a long time. The sad part was I only saved $7 or $8. So needless to say, I am gettting back to it. I willl be trying to find good deals at Wegmans and share with you some of the other ways we have been making and saving money.

Once again, I apologize for going MIA. And to all that were searching for Wegmans deals, I am sorry for that too.


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  1. Those smiles look like your time has been very well spent!! Your little loves are soooo precious!